Saturday 7th December 2013, 4:00pm
£ 5.00 (adv.)

An extended evening of adventurous music taking place across Servant Jazz Quarters, The Vortex, Cafe OTO and The OTO Project Space. The ticket price gives you a wristband that gets you access to all four venues throughout the day with the following artists;

Alex Ward
Angharad Davies
Blue Eyed Hawk
Daichi Yoshikawa
Fumi Okiji
Guillaume Viltard
Hannah Marshall
Isnaj Dui
James Dunn
Jennifer Allum
Julie Kjaer
Matthew Bourne
Oli Brice
Oliver Coates
Orchestra Elastique
Paul Abbott
Phil Julian
Rachel Musson
Ross Lambert
Seymour Wright
Steve Noble
Tom Rogerson
Woven Entity
Yoni Silver

A full schedule and running order for the day will be published shortly.

ISNAJ DUI writes glitchy neo-impressionistic music using flutes, home-made dulcimers and electronics. Much of her work concentrates on extracting interest from the mundane and everyday, focussing on repetition and the intricacies of tone within layered textures. She has appeared at venues such as the National Portrait Gallery and Union Chapel in London and has received extensive play on Radio 3's Late Junction and BBC 6 Music.

JULIE KJÆR is a Danish saxophonist, flautist and composer, living in London. She is very active on the British jazz and improv scene, where she plays with various ensembles and groups. Her imaginative, edgy and thoughtful playing gives her a unique voice on her instruments. Since she graduated from the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus DK in 2007, she has played with various jazz groups and ensembles in Denmark and England and currently plays with London Improvisers Orchestra, Paulo Duartes Overground Collective and Jeff Chambers n-tet.

KLAVIKON is London born pianist and composer Leon Michener. His unique and often scatalogical approach to music encompasses art, video and electronics and seeks to push beyond the boundaries of what is technically and sonically possible on the traditional piano. KLAVIKON reimagines ‘electronic’ music without the use of conventional processes - no loops, no laptops, no synthesisers or drum machines. Instead, pianist Leon Michener employs a unique system of amplified prepared piano and broken guitar pedals. Augmenting the 88 keys with found objects and his own inventions - a custom made pick up, a robot dog - he delivers cascading batteries of percussion, ferocious sub-basses and abstract soundscapes. This amalgam of virtuosic classical technique and real-time analogue sound processing is at once connected with the dancefloor idiom of Detroit Techno pioneers and the musical traditions of Stockhausen and Cage. The result is an uncharted sonic territory, sincere in it’s eccentricity, bold in it's statement, resisting easy categorisation,

OLIVER COATES Cellist Oliver Coates toured in Brazil, China, Russia, Holland and Italy leading up to the release of his debut solo record Towards the blessed islands (25/11/13 on PRAH recordings). His work playing music by Bach through to Stockhausen in major venues and festivals won him the Royal Philharmonic Society Young Artist Award. His work alongside artists such as Jonny Greenwood, Micachu, Steve Reich, Chris Watson, DOOM and Oren Ambarchi on wide-ranging collaborative recording and live projects has attracted a wider following and recent airtime from Mary Anne Hobbs for the new solo work, combining warm polyphonic textures and drones with field recordings and slow-evolving electronics.

ORE play slow music using two tubas and amplification, informed (but not limited) by their enthusiasm for drones, doom metal, improvisation and minimalism. They are heavy, but the heaviness comes from the way the bass, contrabass, and subcontrabass sounds hang in the air and relate to their surroundings – natural echoes, natural silences.

TOM ROGERSON is one third of London experimental live electronica outfit Three Trapped Tigers. He plays the piano. A lot.

WOVEN ENTITY is a percussion trio of Patrick Dawes, Lascelle Gordon and Paul May combining spiritual percussion and electronics. Grooving and tinkling droning and floating, percussion driven spiritually charged jazz grooves and cosmic investigations.